Fish Species



The Grey Ghost!

Or so they are referred to by the anglers who stalk them. These fish appeal to the angler who appreciate the reward of the hunt. With bullet like speed and powerful runs  this fish will become an obsession!!!



Great Pompano

Much like bonefish, patience and accurate cast are rewarded by this trophy worthy fish. One of the greatest accomplishments of the shallows!!!



The Silver King

One of the most powerful and acrobatic fish that swims!  From early spring to mid summer is prime time for these monsters. In islamorada, tarpon congregate around bridges and in island channels waiting to feast on mullet as they migrate through our island chain. Hood on and hold on, your in for the battle of your life!!!!



Red Drum

Found mainly in close by everglades national park, these fish are a favorite of the flats. Sight fishing and casting to tailing fish are the best way to catch these amazing opponent!!!



Prized for their hard fight and delicious table fare. Snook are also targeted mainly in everglades national park,  in areas so beautiful sometimes you forget to fish!!!


Sea Trout

Crowd Pleaser!

One of the more abundant of the shallow water species, provides plenty of action for beginner to advanced anglers. Other species often caught while targeting trout are ladyfish, snappers and jacks.